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Kelly Mansfield

How many employers pay their staff the Living Wage?

  • Tue 28th Oct 2014
  • AdamBublickiadambublickiinternationalworkplacecom

The Living Wage is a subject constantly in the news, and, at least according to the media and social networking sites, it is evident more and more employers are getting on board.

Kate Gardner

Health and safety when moving office

  • Wed 22nd Oct 2014
  • AdamBublickiadambublickiinternationalworkplacecom

Office relocation can be a hectic time and it often also comes with an increased risk of workplace accident and injury because of the activities outside the norm of usual day-to-day office operations. As a result, it’s important to be organised and ensure that you have carefully considered any potential health and safety issues that could occur during the moving process.