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Aug 31

Happy World Distance Learning Day!

  • Wed 31st Aug 2022
  • Alex

Wednesday 31 August marks World Distance Learning Day, which embraces learning that takes place outside of a physical classroom, be that remote learning delivered entirely at a distance, or a hybrid blend of classroom and home learning.

Alex Davies

Digital learning: Here’s what we’ve learned in 2018

  • Wed 19th Dec 2018
  • AdamBublickiadambublickiinternationalworkplacecom

The last 12 months seem to have denoted a marked acceleration in the move to ‘digital’. In the world of learning and development, not everyone welcomes this. We talk to a good number of senior managers responsible for managing people and workplaces and the vast majority are either unaware of just how much of a transformation learning technologies can bring; or else they are fearful of it.