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May 23

Women put at risk by ill-fitting safety gear

  • Tue 23rd May 2017
  • AdamBublickiadambublickiinternationalworkplacecom

lll-fitting Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that isn’t designed to protect women workers can get in the way of them doing their job safely, according to a new report published by the TUC. The report, Personal protective equipment and women, reveals that despite a legal duty to provide the correct PPE to staff free of charge, only three in ten women (29%) told researchers that the PPE they wear to keep them safe at work is specifically designed for women.

Kate Gardner

Work gloves: what you need to know

  • Wed 19th Feb 2014
  • AdamBublickiadambublickiinternationalworkplacecom

Whatever your trade or profession, if you carry out tasks that involve working with your hands, it is more than likely that you will wear work gloves at some point during your duties.