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As HR professionals, our trainers don’t just train, they are highly experienced hands-on practitioners who are experts in their field and able to relate complex legal issues into real-life examples, which makes studying one of our CIPD qualifications much more valuable and enjoyable. We recognise that our students are professionals with busy lives, therefore our courses are designed with this in mind. You will only need to take time off work for a few days at a time and there is also sufficient time in between to self-study and complete assignments.

The Levels explained

Level 3 - Foundation

CIPD Foundation Level qualifications (Awards, Certificate and Diplomas) are perfect if you want to acquire a wide range of relevant practical skills in either Human Resources (HR) or Learning and Development (L&D). These qualifications are designed to support your career development in either HR or L&D by providing a foundation for you to build on and introducing you to the knowledge and capabilities needed by today’s professionals.

Who are CIPD Foundation Level qualifications for?

CIPD Foundation Level qualifications are suitable for those:

  • wanting to gain the essential knowledge and skills required to move into HR or L&D
  • working in an HR or L&D support role but who do not hold a formal HR or L&D qualification
  • line managers with responsibility for people management and development
  • looking to become a professional member of the CIPD as an Associate member

Examples of the typical job roles these qualifications can help you enter or progress in include HR Assistant, Learning and Development Administrator, HR Coordinator and Trainer.

Level 5 - Intermediate

CIPD Level 5 Intermediate qualifications (Awards, certificates and Diplomas) offer you the opportunity to build on your expertise in your chosen HR or L&D subjects and gain a professional level of CIPD membership.

Who is a CIPD Intermediate qualification for?

Set at undergraduate level, CIPD Intermediate qualifications are suitable for those:

  • looking to develop a career in HR management or development and want to study a recognised qualification
  • who need to understand the role of HR or L&D in the wider organisational and environmental context
  • seeking to progress and further develop their professional HR or L&D knowledge after studying a CIPD Level 3 Foundation qualification
  • aspiring to become a professional member of the CIPD, as an Associate member.

The Qualifications explained

CIPD Pyramid

Your HR Career

Whatever you choose to do in the future, at International Workplace we wish you all the best for your future career.  We may be a little biased but we think a career in HR or Learning and Development is a fantastic choice and offers amazing opportunities, experiences and lots of fun! HR is an interesting world as legislation changes continually and the ever changing economy has brought many new challenges.  

Advice to further your career

The biggest advice we would give is to ensure you keep up-to-date with legislation and case studies, understand your business and its objectives and what it aims to achieve. The HR professional that has a commercial understanding and is able to offer pragmatic advice (rather than just saying no!) is the one that will be most successful in the future and will have the most rewarding career. A good place to start would be our A to Z guides on human resources.

Here is some other advice from members of the International Workplace family which we hope you will find useful:

Heidi ThompsonMy advise is don't be too precious about what you do, if someone offers you the opportunity to take notes or just sit in on a discipline and grievance meeting, grab it with both hands and relish the experience. It’s how we all started out and is great way to start off your career by following and learning from people in the profession. Getting into HR without the experience can often feel like a closed door so anything that you can do to build on your experiences is key..

Heidi Thompson FCIPD MSc, Head of Learning and Development and CIPD Course Director for International Workplace

Tar TumberBe approachable; have a can do attitude; and be prepared to get stuck in.  Often managers and employees will view the HR person with distrust – whose side are they on?  But in order to make a difference, you need to earn and keep everyone’s trust and be pragmatic – you will need to get from A to B, often via Z to move the business forward so always think bigger picture and communicate that to the people that make it happen!

Tar Tumber, HR, Consultant for International Workplace

You Suzanne McMinnhave chosen a great career route, sometimes challenging but very very rewarding.  Take time to enjoy the journey and always look out for the next challenge be it the next training course you want to go on, the next piece of employment legislation you want to get your head around or something that you want to change within your own Company.   Take every opportunity to learn as much as you can during your career in HR, it’s fast moving and you need to keep up with it.  Networking is a great way of building up your knowledge and gaining support and information from colleagues and peers.

Suzanne McMinn FCIPD MSSP, HR Director for International Workplace

Kelly BarfootMake the most of your CIPD membership and go to branch meetings to keep up to date with best practice and meet other like-minded professionals. It’s important to grow your network, not only for support, but it may help you find that next fantastic opportunity – after all, it’s not always what you know, but who!

Kelly Barfoot, Learning and Mediation Specialist

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