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Facilities management A-Z guides

All Facilities management A-Z guides


Exposure to asbestos is hazardous to health. The three main conditions – asbestosis, lung cancer and Mesothelioma – can all be fatal. Current estimates put the death rate in the UK from asbestos-induced diseases at almost 4,000 a year,... Continue reading

Buildings and property

Property management encompasses four major areas of responsibility: 1. Marketing and financial2. Tenant and occupancy3. Facilities management4. Administration and risk management To manage a building involves good understanding of operating expe... Continue reading

Business continuity

Business Continuity Management (BCM) identifies potential threats to an organisation, and the impacts to business operations that those threats, if realised, might cause. A recent report by the Business Continuity Institute in the UK stated that o... Continue reading


There are a number of activities that take place specifically within the catering industry that are considered to be high risk and need to be considered in any health and safety compliance or training session. In particular: • Boiling water ... Continue reading

CCTV monitoring

Increasingly, CCTV has become the principal method of carrying out surveillance of areas that may be accessed by the public as well as becoming commonplace in many workplaces in a variety of industries. While CCTV has an obvious crime-prevention ... Continue reading


The Oxford English Dictionary’s definition of the relevant aspects of competent is: • suitable, appropriate; • sufficient or adequate in amount, or degree; • legally authorised or qualified, able to take cognisance (of a witn... Continue reading

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