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Apprenticeship Levy comes into force

In the Spending review and autumn statement of 2015, the Chancellor of the Exchequer confirmed that an apprenticeship levy would be imposed on all large employers in all industry sectors, for the purpose of raising money to meet the cost of appren... Continue reading

Gender pay gap reporting is now in force; do you know your duties?

Among the ever-changing landscape of the UK’s labour market, one constant element has transcended the decades – the problem of the gender pay gap. This ‘gap’ refers to the difference between women’s and men’s av... Continue reading

Mental health at work: what is a ‘reasonable adjustment’?

Opening up about mental health is the topic of the moment, with the Royal Family backing campaigns to get people talking to each other about their problems. In the workplace, that conversation between employer and employee is significant and the e... Continue reading

Architect Negligence and How to Avoid it

Many towns and cities are seeing the development of commercial areas as a vital strategy to encourage growth. This strategy is often encouraged by the local industries and businesses within the areas. They see it as an important factor for attract... Continue reading

UK workers’ rights post-Brexit: tidal wave or damp squib?

Amongst the many anxieties caused by the EU referendum vote last year, the prospect of erosion of workers’ rights has loomed large. Despite official support for the Remain campaign from Government, historically at least, Conservative politic... Continue reading

What a waste - Brexit and waste management

Today is historic – on 29 March 2017 Theresa May will push the button that opens the trapdoor to Brexit and we will have two years in which to slide through it. Will we glide through and land gracefully on a conveyor belt into the future? Or... Continue reading

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