• International Workplace
  • 21 December 2016

Christmas Safety Tips #3


With the festive season looming, the party mood for celebration and work functions is something to look forward to. From a health and safety point of view, apart from the risks to your own health, alcohol can be a mischief maker when it comes to accidents. It reduces your risk awareness. Alcohol can make people relax so much that they don't think about everyday risks.” In excess we lose our inhibitions and throw caution to the wind.

For work functions avoid lunch times sessions if you want your staff to return to work, in some industries returning to work after drinking is totally prohibited, especially for those using machinery and driving. When planning an evening event consider how people are going to get home, if the company is paying for the drinks, it is the responsible thing to do to consider taxis or other arrangements for your staff to get home safely as part of the budget.

For further advice on drinking alcohol visit for some facts and advice.

Most of all stay safe and enjoy the run up to Christmas.