• International Workplace
  • 21 December 2016

Christmas Safety Tips #4

Manual handling Risk Assessment

Most of us use standard workplace templates for assessing risk, but when it comes to manual handling we are often taking a stab in the dark or just using common sense to complete them. This is usually because the typical models aren’t appropriate and it really is a specialist subject. For manual handling there is a simple and effective HSE tool called the Manual Handling Assessment Charts (MAC tool), used correctly you will be using the exact same method the HSE inspectors use. It is a tool designed to help health and safety officers assess the most common risk factors in lifting (and lowering), carrying and team handling operations. For each type of assessment there is an assessment guide and a flow chart. With a bit of practise they are extremely effective; once you have done the assessment you will then be in a stronger position to justify control measures.

If your manual handling operations include pushing and pulling, then use the HSE's Risk Assessment of Pushing and Pulling tool (RAPP tool).