• 29 June 2015

Commercial architecture: Five innovative office designs

When it comes to office design, bigger isn’t necessarily better. An impressive interior isn’t the result of a spacious environment, but rather a creative and individualistic design. As businesses strive to become more forward-thinking, they’re looking closer to home in a quest to modernise their brands – and this starts with the office space.

Industries are competing to create an environment that encourages an efficient and passionate work ethic, with many businesses hiring a commercial architect to renovate their buildings and work with them to create a space which truly reflects their brand. If you're looking for ways to encourage productivity through interior design, we’ve brought together five of the most unique office designs from around the world to give you some inspiration.

Selgas Cano Architecture Office, Madrid

Situated in the woods, the Selgas Cano Architecture Office brings a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘working outside’. With half of the office underground, the other half is enclosed by a glass canopy – putting employees right in the heart of nature. Wherever staff are working in the building, the environment is optimised for productivity – and for those working late, the ambient lighting in the natural backdrop gives the feeling of camping out. Located in Madrid, the stunning studio was designed by Selgas Cano Architecture to allow employees to bring the outside in and encourage workplace productivity.

Google, California

It is impossible to mention innovative office designs without paying due credit to the masters themselves: Google. Despite having offices scattered around the world, Google HQ is situated in California – and it is certainly built to impress. Google is known to be flexible in its approach to creating the ideal work environment, and this inventive office space is a perfect demonstration of that. For a break from the standard office setup, employees can leave their desks and get comfortable in one of any number of sofas around the building. There’s no need for stuffy boardroom meetings at Google, as staff meetings can be held in tent-like areas or in cosy booths adorned with plants. The headquarters is also home to a basketball court and golf course, meaning staff can loosen up with some lunchtime exercise to refuel for the afternoon – and if they don’t feel like going back to the office, they can take their laptops outside and make the most of the glorious Google lawn.

TBWA Hakuhodo Office, Toyko

Based in Toyko, TBWA Hakuhodo wanted its office to reflect its approach to business, which is thinking differently. With this in mind, it set about transforming an old bowling alley into a fun work environment. The new space is the brainchild of Klein Dytham Architecture, who teamed up with TBWA Hakuhodo to create an exciting yet relaxing workplace. Above and below the office, staff can still enjoy the bowling alley, as well as several other entertainment facilities. The grass-lined office space works to inspire the company’s staff by providing a relaxed and casual working environment.

MTV Offices, Berlin

MTV’s offices in Berlin are considered the brand’s attempt at ‘growing up’. Known for its wacky image and outrageous antics, the company is keen to prove it can be taken seriously, and this all starts with its office space. With Dan Pearlman Architects at the helm, the latest office design is tasteful and chic, but still retains an element of fun. Games areas allow employees to enjoy some down-time, while natural light illuminates the whole workspace to encourage productivity.

9mmedia Offices, New York

The 9mmedia Offices in New York bring a futuristic element to the working environment, starting with a glass entrance hall with fingerprint scanner to welcome visitors. The company was intent on creating a space that allows a degree of privacy within a large open space. The software company introduced u-shaped work areas, designed to promote a minimalist workspace while giving employees ample privacy. The building boasts spectacular views of the city as well as a cosy and intimate office environment. With a massage room available, employees can unwind on their lunch break or after a long, hard day.

With any number of ways to revitalise a building’s design, companies are now looking to create an office environment as unique as their brand identity. If you’d like to increase productivity and maximise the potential of your workspace, get inventive and you’ll discover that even the most seemingly limited spaces can offer limitless possibilities.