• 3 May 2016

ESOS – have you failed to comply?

According to latest figures from the Environment Agency, reported by edie, approximately 3,000 (30%) of those organisations required to comply with the Energy Savings and Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) had failed to do so by mid-April.  The original deadline was 5 December 2015 and, while the Environment Agency had indicated it would take a lenient approach up to 29 April 2016, this deadline has now passed, leaving non-compliant organisations at risk of prosecution.  The maximum penalty for failing to undertake an energy audit is £50,000, with a further £500 for each working day (up to a maximum of 80 days) that the organisation remains non-compliant. If you are one of those organisations that hasn’t yet carried out your ESOS assessment, International Workplace’s qualified energy team can provide the assistance you need.