• 26 April 2016

Get your free Environmental Sustainability Health Check

Organisations that have an effective environmental sustainability programme are more likely to avoid prosecutions and fines arising from legal non-compliance, as well as benefit financially from optimising cost savings associated with reduced resource use and waste production.  Good environmental management will also help to ensure the sustainability of the business in relation to resource availability and environmental impact, and will be seen as beneficial by stakeholders, including clients, thereby contributing to the generation of  business opportunities.

The potential cost savings that can be achieved by organisations with an Environmental Management System (EMS) in place was highlighted in a recent Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA) survey. Thirty per cent of the organisations surveyed reported cost savings arising from reduced energy bills, and better waste management, of at least £100K, while savings of over £1m were reported by 10% of respondents.

To help see whether your organisation could benefit from an improved environmental sustainability agenda, we are offering an environmental sustainability health check - just complete the Environmental health checklist and we'll get in touch.