• David Sharp
  • 6 August 2012

Land's End to John O' Groats Week Two

It’s Week Two, and just like Team GB at the Olympics, it started with a big day for the second leg of our LEJOG challenge.

We covered the first 50 miles of today's ride in quick time, stopping in Whalley for a late lunch, with supposedly only about 26 miles to go to Ingleton. 40 miles and four hours later it ultimately proved a bit trickier than we thought ...

Then on to the stunning beauty of Ribblesdale, heading into the Yorkshire Dales with just steep hills and lovely glides down, sheep, and wonderful views.

Cue the first puncture of the trip (not bad, seven days in), and heavy rain, to make the repair even more annoying. Two inner tubes, one CO2 bomb and ten dead moles later I managed to get going again with Mr Bickley's help. That put us back a bit, with miles of beautiful scenery, big climbs (Bickers being crowned 'king of the mountains’) and fast descents still to tackle. Tired, damp, and bedraggled, we arrived in Ingleton some ten hours after setting off.

The landlady in our new Ingleton residence offered to wash and dry some of our clothes when we arrived, and we nearly bit her arm off! After 530 miles we are dirty, tired and aching, with new body parts asking to be nursed around every day. She's making us porridge for breakfast tomorrow too, because 'that's what cyclists eat'. We have arrived :-).

To sum up: it's the half-way stage, and we are loving every minute: even the ones we are hating.