• Lee Calver
  • 6 May 2014

Make a difference during Green Office Week

The sixth annual Green Office Week takes place next week from 12-16 May, and is a fantastic opportunity to make a positive difference to the environment in practical ways, including transport, energy and waste.

Green Office Week, the brainchild of Avery office products, is an annual awareness week that encourages workers across the UK to make small changes to their working habits to positively impact the environment.

The national initiative aims to raise employers' eco awareness and encourages a more eco-friendly approach to the workplace through a series of hints and tips and shareable content.

Employers and employees are advised to visit the Green Office Week website and register to receive free daily downloadable content reflecting each daily theme and sign-up to receive a sample pack containing a range of recycled products to try out at work.

The campaign is urging businesses to take some simple and effective steps to prepare for the upcoming week. Such steps include switching off lights when a room is not in use, making sure recycling points are established around the office, letting colleagues know that your company will be taking part and even recruiting a ‘Green Team’.

Introducing a new aspect to this year’s week, Avery has announced the ‘Pledge Initiative’ whereby supporters of the campaign have the opportunity to make up to five pledges during the week.

Commenting ahead of the week, Avery’s Category Manager, Ruth Perrin, said:

“We are delighted that Green Office Week is now a well-established awareness campaign which has proven more and more popular each year. As there is no time like the present we are asking everyone to start thinking green and taking simple steps in preparation for the week.

“Supporters of the week will be able to download content from the website and follow tips such as making an eco-cuppa and choosing the right plant for the right place, they can also let their friends and colleagues know they are supporting such a worthwhile effort with fun shareable content.”

The first Green Office Week was launched in 2009 following research which found that UK employees felt as though they were being held back from being environmentally friendly at work because of a lack of empowerment and facilities.

Entering its sixth year, it is great to see that the week continues to gain support up and down the country from a broad range of organisations, from air ambulance services to councils, housing associations to small businesses, and large multi-nationals, all of which have seen the benefits of their efforts in working towards a greener environment.  

This year, Avery has announced that the week will aptly be following the GREEN theme (Get Going, Recycle, Energy, Environment, Network) throughout the week, and will demonstrate how to make a difference in your working environment with very simple actions which will have lasting benefits on the wider environment.

Each day of the week focuses on a key area, and further information can be found here.

We want to know what you are up to during Green Office Week though and would love for you to share your plans with us. This new forum is open for all to discuss what they will be doing throughout the week and to explain the benefits seen from taking part in Green Office Week.