• David Sharp
  • 9 September 2015

Scottish Government to scrap ET fees

We reported recently on the drastic reduction in the number of Employment Tribunal claims being brought against employers since the introduction of a charging regime in 2013 which meant that claimants would need to pay £160 or more to lodge a claim. Claim numbers have dropped by more than 60% in the last two years, widely thought to be as a result of the charging regime.  

Unions have widely criticised the charges, saying they discriminates against the people who are very often least able to fund a case against their employer, and so act as a barrier to justice.

The Scottish Government has now published a paper setting out its plans – as part of the wider devolution of powers from Westminster to Scotland – to scrap fees for ET claims and through this and other measures to make Scotland a “fairer country” to live and work in. Firms with employees in both Scotland and other countries within the UK may be concerned at the implications of a two-track approach to employee relations.

Details of the proposals can be downloaded from

The UK Government is also conducting a review of their Employment Tribunal system.