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Mental health awareness – it’s OK to be pink and fluffy

The theme of this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week (running all this week and ending on Sunday) has been ‘Thriving, not surviving’, and there has been a spate of publicity given to mental health and wellbeing in recent weeks, ... Continue reading

Gender pay gap reporting is now in force; do you know your duties?

Among the ever-changing landscape of the UK’s labour market, one constant element has transcended the decades – the problem of the gender pay gap. This ‘gap’ refers to the difference between women’s and men’s av... Continue reading

Mental health at work: what is a ‘reasonable adjustment’?

Opening up about mental health is the topic of the moment, with the Royal Family backing campaigns to get people talking to each other about their problems. In the workplace, that conversation between employer and employee is significant and the e... Continue reading

The human element of Brexit

Today, history will be made – Teresa May will push the button on Article 50, setting in motion a two-year timeframe for divorcing the EU.  It’s going to be a rather busy two years for Government officials, who will look to push th... Continue reading

The Modern Slavery Act statements: 10 months in

The Modern Slavery Act 2015 is a groundbreaking piece of legislation requiring the UK's highest-turnover businesses to combat slavery and human trafficking on a global scale. The legislation was the brainchild of Theresa May in her previous post o... Continue reading

B2B or not B2B – the ‘Gig Economy’ explosion and employment rights

A recent Employment Tribunal that ruled a London bicycle courier was a worker rather than self-employed is the latest in a string of rulings on the so-called ‘gig economy’.  This concept has become more and more of a talking point... Continue reading

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