• Lee Calver
  • 9 December 2014

When was the last time you checked your Fire Risk Assessment?

Yesterday marked the start of Business Safety Week 2014 and throughout the week, fire and rescue services across the UK will hold events and activities with businesses in their communities to outline the significance of fire safety for business.

The focus of the week centres on the following three key areas:

  • Fire Risk Management;
  • Fire Risk Assessment; and
  • Business Continuity.

The objectives of the week are be to promote effective management of fire safety and to achieve safety in case of fire in buildings used for commercial, voluntary and community use.

For businesses, they are being encouraged to effectively manage the fire safety of their organisations – safeguarding their staff, premises, stock and thus the wider chain interconnecting them with their customers and suppliers.

The week-long event, running from 8-14 December, is coordinated by the Chief Fire Officers Association (CFOA). It stated that whilst the total number of fires in business premises has reduced over recent years, the cost of fire and the subsequent losses have been rising.

This suggests that a fire is more likely to be serious when it does strike, and therefore result in significant cost to the business.

CFOA therefore encourages all businesses to be extra vigilant, especially at this time of year when they may have additional fire risks – whether due to large amounts of extra stock, an increase in seasonal employees, or because they are preparing for a winter shutdown period - and to consider all their fire risks and re-examine whether they could be mitigated.

Now is the time for businesses to check their Fire Risk Assessments and make changes to their processes if necessary.

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