• 22 January 2014

Why more employers are making use of safety barriers

Work can be hazardous to your health. No, this isn't a public service announcement created by a low-skilled group of underachieving youth, looking for a reason to justify extended periods of lazy joblessness. This is a cliché that just happens to have a whole lot of truth to it.

All jobs contain some element of risk to your health, but some are far more dangerous than others. You are much more likely to experience a life altering injury doing construction work than being an accountant. Working in a factory has always come with a whole host of safety risks, which is why so many employers are starting to use safety barriers to help protect their employees. These safety barriers provide a number of benefits for both employees and employers.

Keeps the workforce healthy

Most people run a business for two reasons: to make money and to make more money. While many people do enjoy their jobs and derive satisfaction from serving others, the bottom line is that you run a business to make a living and put food on the table. This can be pretty difficult to do when you are lying in bed, dressed in a full body cast for weeks on end. 

Many employers are using safety barriers as a means to keep their employees from having access to areas of the business where things are a bit more dangerous. This helps reduce the amount of unnecessary accidents in the workplace, which keeps employees injury free. Workers can come to work and earn wages, whilst the business can continue to run to its full capacity.

Prevents lawsuits

In all honesty, employers want to keep accidents down so they can avoid being sued. Lawsuits have a huge, negative impact on a company in two different ways. First, a lawsuit often means that someone is going to be paying a whole lot of money for someone's medical bills and more than likely, this money was not originally in the budget. This means that employers lose a good chunk of profit, which can be bad for the owner and other employees. Secondly, when a company is involved in a lawsuit, it generates a lot of negative press, which can make it difficult to bring in new clients or business.

Safety barriers are great tools which when used properly, can actually help save a company revenue and pride by preventing people from getting into accidents.

Employers are required by law to keep employees safe

Another reason more employers are using safety barriers are because they are required by law to keep you safe whilst you are at work. There are many different ways to meet standards, but using safety barriers is another tool that can make things a bit safer.

Staying safe not only requires employers to follow guidelines, but it means that employees need to be compliant with them as well. This means workers respect the rules, and if they are not authorised to move beyond the safety barriers, they need to stay on the correct side. Safety is everyone's responsibility.

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