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ESOS compliance

  • Environmental management
ESOS  compliance course

ESOS compliance

At International Workplace our team of energy consultants can help your business to achieve the benefits of putting into place the energy saving opportunities identified by your ESOS assessment.

Our experience of assisting companies from a broad range of sectors to achieve ESOS compliance indicated that, in the majority of cases, significant (>10%) savings in energy bills could be made by implementing initiatives with a relatively short ‘return on investment’. These ranged from improved monitoring of energy consumption and targeted behaviour change programmes, to specific projects, for example installation of energy efficient lighting or insulation.

Each organisation which has completed an ESOS assessment will have its  own objectives, requirements and level of internal expertise. Whether you require ongoing assistance, ‘ad hoc’ advice, a detailed energy management strategy or tailored staff training, International Workplace can provide an appropriate level of support to help you achieve these energy savings.

ESOS compliance

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