Evacuation Chair Training and Use - Classroom

Evacuation chairs are widely used by building managers as a means of escape for people who have difficulty in using stairs in the event of fire in a multi-storey building. But which chair? Is a chair the right device for your organisation?

Evacuation chairs of all shapes, sizes and cost are popular throughout the UK and internationally. However, use of evacuation devices requires an understanding of who it is suitable for, and how to use it in the event of an emergency, including how to negotiate stairways. It may be that an alternative approach is more suitable.

It is essential that people are trained in the safe use of any device if injuries and accidents are to be avoided.

This course will help you understand how to identify and use an assisted escape device and how to avoid any use that may lead to further risk. It will demonstrate the part that these devices can play in an overall strategy for means of escape for people with mobility issues during an evacuation, and the training required to ensure that procedures are adhered to in practice.



  • What is the role of an assisted escape device, and who will it assist?
  • How to choose the right device(s) for your organisation.
  • The issues to consider when using an escape device.
  • Getting the person into the escape device.
  • Vertical descent using the escape device.
  • Carrying a person in an evacuation chair, including stairways.
  • Looking after the person when out of the building.


Why train with International Workplace?


  • Our course tutor offers a wealth of knowledge and experience, specifically in the area of fire safety for disabled people, in addition to fire risk assessment, providing practical guidance and in-depth case studies.
  • In-house courses can be customised to include specific procedures and policies.
  • Over ten years’ experience of delivering solutions for the evacuation of disabled people.
  • Experience of working with a broad range of clients and sectors on complex multi-million pound projects.
  • Workplace Law has a delivery process that establishes an auditable trail to demonstrate that duty-holders have fulfilled their obligations. Workplace Law can provide this reassurance through the use of records, meeting minutes, progress reports and information inventories.
  • Multi-disciplined professionals, which means that we can advise and assist in more than one area of fire safety.




  • This course will help you understand how to use an evacuation chair and how to avoid misuse. It will demonstrate the part that assisted escape devices can play in an overall strategy for means of escape for those with mobility issues users, and the training required to ensure that procedures are adhered to in practice.
  • The course will enable you to meet the legislative requirements of safe evacuation in a cost effective manner.
  • Protect both your staff and disabled / temporarily impaired people from further risk or injury.
  • As well as providing training, we can also provide consultancy strategic planning for the evacuation for disabled people, as well as provide other support services, meaning you can use one company for all your health and safety requirements – saving you time, money and confusion.