IW Corporate

International Workplace Corporate

International Workplace seeks to be a good corporate citizen in everything that we do. The below policy sets out the overarching guidelines to our approach to corporate social responsibility, which are further enforced by separate, more detailed guidelines in key policy areas.

Our purpose

We specialise in employment relations, environmental management, facilities management, health and safety, human resources and leadership and management, serving a full range of different sectors. An established market leader in the provision of information, training, consultancy and support services, we help organisations to go beyond compliance in the workplace and build a better future.

Our values

Our core values TIE us together;


Trust lies at the centre of our world


Innovation is our key to success


Excellence is an attitude that we bring into every aspect of our work.

These values form the core of our recruitment, performance management, training and development, and reward systems.

Our behaviours

We seek to ensure that at all times our corporate behaviours are consistent with our corporate purpose and corporate values. As a regulatory specialist, we must ensure that we as a minimum comply with the requirements of all relevant legislation in force in all the markets we operate in.

Key areas include:

Business ethics

Any potential conflict of interest likely to impact on the company’s corporate purpose or corporate values must be reported as soon as its potential impact becomes known. We operate a strict policy in line with the requirements of the Bribery Act 2010 regarding corporate gifts, entertainment etc.

Health and safety

As health and safety specialists, we have an excellent safety record and adopt a proactive approach to risk management. We have a separate health and safety policy.

Access and disability

We are a JobCentrePlus accredited employer. We have a separate access and disability policy.

Sustainable practices

As environmental specialists, we seek to develop sustainable business practices and have made a number of improvements in sustainable performance in recent years. We have a separate environmental policy.

Data protection/Information security

International Workplace has recently attained the ISO 27001 standard – the global benchmark for best practice in information security management.

Equality and diversity

We seek to make the company as representative as possible of the community in which it is based, and have a separate equality and diversity policy.