• International Workplace
  • 21 December 2016

Christmas Safety Tips #1


This Christmas we may be encouraged to use tea light candles to provide us with a winter ambience, but they are a common cause of starting fires in our homes. The risk is greatly increased by them being knocked over by pets and children or the fact we put them in none heat resistance containers or ornaments. With modern products we can reduce the risk by using battery operated candles that can still provide the same level of desired effect.

These fit in any normal tea light holder and look great through frosted glass. Choose these battery operated LED tea lights for events and parties where normal naked flames are not permitted and those with children and pets. They are easily and cheaply available from various high street stores. They don’t catch fire and won’t electrocute you, they sail through all health and safety requirements and look just as good as the real thing with their animated flicker.