• International Workplace
  • 21 December 2016

Christmas Safety Tips #5

Elimintate the hazard

When we considers health and safety risk control measures, at the top of the list where ever possible is always ‘Eliminate the Hazard’. Most of the time is not possible to eliminate, therefore we write assessments and put in other control measures on the list.  A good health and safety tip, as well as being a good business practise is to look through the workplace and find things we no longer need or use. Often we find obsolete items and more significantly packets, bottles or tins of chemicals, decorating materials, broken light bulbs / tubes and for some gas bottles and cylinders. These are perfect candidates to Eliminate them!

At this point I must stress dispose of them responsibly, some suppliers will take back gas bottles and cylinders, check your local authority website for correct disposal arrangements of various items and your waste carriers should be able to help also. You will eliminate ‘unnecessary risk’, keep the work place tidy, have more space and probably feel better for it.