• 8 September 2015

Deadline to ESOS data approaches – but still time to comply

According to a study by Savills Energy, only 1% of firms obliged to carry out an assessment of the energy consumption of their buildings, processes and transport as part of ESOS – the flagship Government assessment programme – have actually done so.

Research has revealed that just 152 of 15,000 eligible organisations have notified the Environment Agency that they are compliant with the ESOS (Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme) Regulations with only three months until the deadline for compliance.

Stuart Campbell, Director at Savills Energy, said:

“Businesses which fail to comply with ESOS could be fined up to £50,000, plus an additional £500 a day, every day [that] the audit remains outstanding. Rather than seeing the process as a bureaucratic hurdle to jump over and forget, proactive businesses will identify the energy efficiency improvements the audit sets out as a very efficient way of discovering business-wide cost savings.”

However, there is still time for businesses to comply, and we expect to see the numbers of businesses requesting support to increase in the next few weeks.

We’re continuing to receive enquiries from organisations who are unsure whether they come within the scheme, and wanting to know more. If they are required to participate then this will involve work on their behalf to collate baseline energy data, together with implementation of energy efficiency audits which must be ‘signed off’ by a lead ESOS energy assessor. This will take time, and lead assessors are busy, so we’re urging businesses not to leave it too late, and risk a logjam of requests at the last minute.

International Workplace will shortly be producing a briefing note to what to do if you are covered by the Scheme. If you are interested in receiving a copy, please click here.