• 14 March 2014

Delays in bringing the Government’s new FM Contracting Model to the table

The Crown Commercial Service (“CCS”) has now officially taken the reins on delivering the procurement process for the Government’s new FM Contracting Model and it seems there are to be some changes in approach.

The CCS has announced that there will be significant delays in the commencement of the official OJEU procurement process, publication of which was anticipated back in January, this is cited as being due in part to the extensive nature of stakeholder engagement over the new model and also because of the strains of procuring the two different proposed FM vehicles:

  1. the FM Framework – aimed at large-scale nationwide projects; and
  2. the dynamic FM Marketplace – intended to deal with the provision of specialist FM services on a typically localised basis.

For further details please see Government's new FM Contracting Model: A New Hope? and Shape of new FM Contracting Model starts to emerge.

The revised timetable now anticipates that instead of running the two procurement processes in parallel, the FM Framework will be prioritised with OJEU tender publication targeted for late April 2014 with an award due in mid-October 2014; and the FM Marketplace initiative following on with an OJEU tender publication scheduled for mid-October and the potential award date yet to be confirmed. As such, the key aim of using the FM Marketplace to allow Government engagement with a wider supply base moves further away and the hope that this initiative will enable greater SME involvement diminishes.

For further details, the latest FAQs and updates on the proposed lots structures for both FM Contracting Model initiatives please see the CCS website.