• Suzanne McMinn
  • 10 May 2012

Did the Queen's speech rock you?

The Queen’s Speech earlier this week outlined a number of provisions on how the Coalition Government will be focusing on promoting economic growth for the coming year.

There were no major changes that are going to set the HR world on fire or get employers in a mad panic.  Instead, the Speech focused on some of the main issues that have already been raised before by Vince Cable as part of his red tape challenge.

Cable set the scene for reviewing what he conceived to be the outdated Tribunal process and promoted his thoughts around compensated no fault dismissal – the consultation on which is due to close in June this year.

The Speech outlined how the Government would look to support and promote organisations in growing their business and increasing their headcount through new appointments. There is still trepidation with some employers who have been burnt badly going through the Tribunal process and now hesitate when looking at addressing any employment issues that they may have.

Will employers be relieved following on from the Queen’s message about Tribunal reforms and the possibility of enforcing conciliation much earlier on before costly proceedings are incurred?  Only time will tell.  But some would argue it’s at least a step in the right direction, and an overhaul of a maxed out and archaic system can only be good for employers and Tribunal claimants alike.

On a more positive note, the Speech did focus on the Children and Families Bill, which looks at providing increased flexibility the ability to share parental provisions between both parents. This will have an impact on employers, who will need to understand what the proposals are and how this will impact their workforce in terms of ensuring that the work is still delivered whilst employees take advantage of their increased benefits.