• Lee Calver
  • 2 December 2014

ESOS.... One year until first deadline must be met

The deadline for the first compliance period for the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) Regulations is 5 December 2015, by which time qualifying businesses will have to achieve compliance with the regulations and notify the Environment Agency.

The Department of Energy and Climate Change originally estimated that 7,000 organisations would be participating in ESOS, but this has been revised upwards to 9,385 participants. It has been estimated that if every ESOS participant waited until January to start auditing then it would take 190% of the current market capacity for all firms to stand a chance of complying. We are therefore advising our clients to consider ESOS now and not to delay finding a registered lead assessor.

While a year may seem a long way off, it is crucial for all organisations that are affected by the ESOS Regulations to find out exactly what’s required of them as soon as possible.

International Workplace’s Environmental Consultant, Matthew Watkins, added:

“Businesses I regularly speak to about ESOS see these regulations from drastically differing standpoints. Some view them as a needless further cost to their operations, but a good deal of companies view ESOS as a real chance for positive change.”

Facilities, environmental, and energy managers have historically found it difficult to get great energy saving ideas considered and acted on at board level. If this applies to you, then ESOS is a great opportunity to get your ideas (backed by the necessary financial savings calculations) considered by the right people and gain traction at a strategic level.

While currently this scheme only affects UK organisations, ESOS is derived from the EU Energy Efficiency Directive and similar regulations are being drawn up at a national level in all EU member states. Due to differences in the way that these regulations are being transposed, we recommend that organisations with significant EU operations consider ISO 50001 as a unified strategy for compliance.

To find out more about ESOS, read our factsheet, and to find out how we can help you achieve compliance with ESOS, please contact one of our consultants today on 0871 777 8881 or email