• Lee Calver
  • 23 September 2014

'Get up, Green up' during World Green Building Week 2014

World Green Building Week 2014 kicked off yesterday with the theme for this year being ‘Get up, Green up’. Its remit is to encourage people to take direct action to improve the sustainability of the built environment around the world.

Running from 22-26 September, Green Building Councils (GBCs) in 100 countries, representing more than 27,000 organisations, will celebrate World Green Building Week, described as the perfect opportunity to shine the spotlight on the campaign for a sustainable built environment.

Green Building Councils across the globe, and their members, have been encouraged to start a pledge programme and engage with local communities through a variety of activities from workshops and panel discussions, to exhibits and building tours. In the UK alone, there are over 25 events taking place throughout the week, which can all be found in the events calendar.

The history of the week

Green Building Week was created in 2009 in order to promote a more connected, more interactive and more public conversation around the role buildings play in creating a sustainable future.

Incredibly, each year the number of events held around the world has almost doubled, signifying how popular the event has become in the five years since its inception. This year features a range of events held across the globe; including Australia, Hungary, US and the United Arab Emirates. As interest in the week grows, GBCs are starting to recognise the potential of all acting together, making the event more visible and also more vibrant.

What to look out for in 2014

Starting the week, the UK Green Building Council (UK-GBC) hosted a webinar on Monday looking at the Ökobau.dat, the German National LCA database for construction.

Tomorrow (Wednesday 24 September), there will be a global launch event for the publication of the World Green Building Council’s report, ‘Health, wellbeing and productivity in offices: the next chapter for green building’, following an extensive project involving over 50 industry experts from around the world.

The report will highlight the best available global evidence on the relationship between office design and the impact on occupants. In addition, it will introduce proposed metrics for measuring the benefit to occupants and their employers.

The report will be available to access online on Wednesday.

Get involved

UK-GBC is encouraging its member organisations to sign up to its new Member Commitment and pledge support to sustainability in the built environment as part of the week. Details of all events and how you can get involved can be found in the Green Building Week calendar, and to keep up with everything that is going on throughout the week, wherever you are in the world, follow the hashtag #WGBW2014 on Twitter.

If you are attending any events or have made a pledge to support the week, let us know in our latest forum discussion. Simply post your comment in the box below, or click here to see the most recent posts.