• Heidi Thompson
  • 21 February 2017

The world of Learning and Development is changing; has changed

Anytime, anyplace anywhere learning can happen.  Google, YouTube, eLearning, blended learning, fast track, online, MOOCs (Massive Open Online courses), classroom, the options are endless and growing. 

The world of Learning and Development is changing; has changed.

We have choice which is good, but it can be confusing for individuals and employers.  Putting aside the need for clarity in identifying the learning need in the first place, how do we then decide what course, what format and then what provider? It can feel overwhelming with cost implications in terms of time and money.  Will the training solution meet the needs of the individual and the employer? Will it give the best return on investment? Is there a catch to the courses that appear ‘cheap’?  Why is that learning solution so much more expensive, does that always mean that it’s better?

For an employer or an individual there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution.  The most important thing when choosing a learning solution outside of your own organisation is trust.  You need to trust that the provider understands the training need, can identify a solution and demonstrate how their products meet that need.  Trust that they can work in partnership for the duration of the learning experience whether it’s for a one off eLearning module or part of a longer term offering.

There’s one additional area that creates trust which is accredited or approved courses by an awarding body; such as IOSH, CIPD, ILM, NEBOSH and many others.  There is a good reason for this, accredited and approved courses can give the customer confidence in the product.   It provides a mark of quality that both employers and learners can understand and value; importantly it delivers consistency and a way to measure one provider against another. 

eLearning continues to be a huge growth area (according to Docebo it is estimated globally to reach USD 240 billion by the end of 2023) and L&D teams are increasingly buying-in ready-made learning resources, rather than creating their own.  Previous concerns that their IT infrastructure wasn’t rigorous enough to support effective learning online can be resolved using third party providers.  International Workplace’s own InTwo Learning Management Platform provides the infrastructure and access needed for organisations of all sizes.

Compliance remains a popular use for eLearning, its efficient, effective and great value for money.  Having these courses recognised with approval from an accredited body can provide the perfect solution for employers and learners.

This is definitely a trend we’ve seen here at International Workplace, where the demand for eLearning, and content delivered through a Learning Management System that is fully responsive, has seen a big increase – to the point that the majority of students on some courses now study by eLearning alone rather than in the classroom.

To add to this International Workplace has provide 11 eLearning courses all of which are approved by IOSH, providing great reassurance and value for our customers. 

To find out more, check out our IOSH-Approved courses, email our course advisors or download the flyer now.