Appraisal training for employees


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Will provide your employees with the confidence to take an active role within the appraisal system to facilitate their own development.

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A good appraisals process is key to the successful management and motivation of staff. Whilst it is paramount to ensure that all managers are trained in this area it is also advisable to train employees. 

Appraisal is a two-way process and to ensure its effectiveness this training course ensures that employees understand their role and how they can get the best out of the process.  

The standard course programme covers:

  • How to prepare for the appraisal discussion
  • Understanding appraisal documentation and company standards
  • Understanding individual objectives
  • How to communicate and listen effectively Managing perception versus reality
  • Practical experience of taking part in an appraisal
  • Discussing difficult situations How to take constructive feedback

If you have a specific requirement then we can tailor the course content and vary the duration depending on what depth of knowledge you or your team require. The standard course is specifically designed for employees of any level.

Benefits to your organisation:

  • To ensure you gain the most from your employees they need to understand their role within the appraisal process and the importance of taking responsibility for their development and continual improvement in the organisation.
  • This training gives employees the confidence to take an active role, and ensures they understand the process and the importance of their ‘buy in’.
  • Employees who take ownership will increase the effectiveness of the process, as well as increase motivation and productivity.

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