Cultural Awareness Training


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Essential training for anyone who travels on business overseas, works with international clients and colleagues or is part of a global organisation.

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Whether you are developing international business, working as part of a global virtual team or managing a network of overseas suppliers, cultural awareness and intercultural competence are critical for success. Understanding the cultural drivers that motivate your international partners can make all the difference to winning a global contract, completing a project on time or leading an international team. Without the right levels of cultural sensitivity, organisations risk dysfunctional global teams, failed negotiations with new clients, miscommunication, delays and frustrations all leading to lost time and money. 

This course typically includes:

  • How we make generalisations and stereotypes
  • Key concepts of culture
  • Understanding our own culture and values: personal, national and organisational
  • A framework for understanding cross-cultural attitudes and behaviours
  • Application to business: management styles, team working, meetings, negotiations
  • How to build relationships across cultures
  • Cross-cultural communication styles and skills
  • Removing linguistic and cultural barriers
  • What is intercultural competence and how can we develop it

This cultural awareness course focuses on developing the cultural awareness, knowledge and skills to build relationships with and communicate more effectively with contacts from any cultural background but can be underpinned by examples from cultures and contexts relevant to your organisation. This training course can be pitched to teams working on specific international projects, to managers or to all levels within the organisation. 

This course will give you:

  • Greater awareness of your own working style and your impact on others
  • An understanding of how values, attitudes and behaviours differ across cultures
  • Practical techniques for building relationships with clients, partners and colleagues from other cultures
  • The ability to adapt your communication style and business etiquette to ensure successful cross-cultural interactions
  • The knowledge and skills to avoid cultural blunders and faux pas

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