Dealing with Stress in the Workplace


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A practical course that will give managers the legal awareness and practical tools for dealing with their legal responsibilities.

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Managers have a legal duty of care to ensure that their employees are not harmed by work-related stress and have a duty to assess the risk arising from the hazard of works, including stress. Failure to do so can lead to claims of breach of contract and personal injury claims. In light of the increased number of stress-related Tribunal claims and the increase in publicity, it is prudent that organisations take action early to reduce and manage stress within their organisation.

One fundamental step to managing and reducing stress is through training. All managers need to be aware of their own legal responsibilities in preventing and reducing stress and the practical methods for dealing with short- and long-term cases. Incorrect management of stress or failure to take action when necessary can ultimately lead to potentially costly Tribunal claims and negative PR for your organisation.

Standard course content:

  • Causes of work-related stress and the impact of these on the workplace
  • Understanding how pressures outside of work can have an impact within the workplace
  • Legal considerations for managing short- and long-term stress, including the Equality Act and the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act
  • Understanding what your duty of care is towards your employees
  • The risks of failing to manage stress within the workplace
  • The Health and Safety Executive’s Stress Management Standards explained
  • How to develop a company-wide stress risk assessment and how this can be used to develop a specific stress risk assessment for a particular stress case within your team
  • Practical guidance on dealing with stress-related absence within your team
  • The importance of developing a Stress at Work policy and understanding how to implement one

This is a practical course that will give managers the legal awareness and practical tools for dealing with their legal responsibilities. When we run the standard course content this course has a duration of 1 day. If you have a specific requirement then we can tailor the course content and vary the duration depending on what depth of knowledge you or your team require. 

Benefits to your organisation

  • This practical course will help manage stress within your workplace and make sure you fulfil your legal duty of care to employees.
  • Managing stress effectively will help to reduce time off and associated costs, as well as help to increase morale and productivity.
  • Training your managers will help reduce the chances of claims being made against you, which could lead to costly Tribunals and damage to the company’s reputation.

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