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Suitable for display screen users in all workplaces, this course will help you reduce the likelihood of accidents or ill health.

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The Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations came into force on 1 January 1993 (some minor changes were made in 2002) and seek to protect the health of workers by reducing risks from VDU work.

Whilst many office premises appear to be low risk when compared to other workplaces, there are a significant number of workers who may be at risk of developing musculoskeletal related conditions such as repetitive strain injury (RSI). Whilst these conditions are not life threatening, they can cause discomfort, result in staff being off sick and in some cases mean that an employee may not be able to undertake their normal duties.

Course programme:

  • Overview of the Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Regulations
  • Ill health effects from using DSE
  • Control measures
  • Case studies
  • Correct use of specific DSE and associated measures, e.g. chairs / wrist supports and document holders
  • Workstation layout
  • Work routines

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This course covers the pertinent legislation and regulations, health, ergonomics and the effects of technology. The course is designed to be suitable for display screen users in all workplaces, and can include specific training on company procedures and equipment.

If you are looking to train as a DSE assessor then the full DSE assessor training course is for you.

Benefits to your organisation:

  • Making your staff aware of how they should safely use their computers will not only help ensure that, as an employer, you have provided the right level of training and information to your staff, but also that your staff adopt a good ergonomic posture when sitting at their desks and are therefore less at risk of developing musculoskeletal related conditions.
  • As well as demonstrating legal compliance with the Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Regulations, this course will help improve the health and safety culture in your workplace.
  • This course will help you prevent or reduce the likelihood of accidents or ill health from using DSE, reducing absenteeism, loss in production and work output and, ultimately, costs.

Subject related eLearning:

DSE eLearning

The Using DSE safely in the workplace eLearning course explores the health issues that can arise from its use, and identifies safety precautions that can be taken in order to reduce related health problems that may affect productivity and lifestyle. 

For more information on the eLearning course, visit the Using DSE safely in the workplace course page. 

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