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A brand new interactive tool to help busy managers ensure their teams are working safely, without the expense and hassle of conducting individual DSE assessments

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Display Screen Equipment (DSE) is the term used to define the electronic devices we all use, such as computers, laptops and phones. This brand new interactive tool supports busy managers with their DSE assessment requirements so they can ensure their teams are working safely, without the expense and hassle of conducting individual DSE assessments. Regulations apply to workers who regularly use DSE as a significant part of their normal work, requiring organisations that have DSE users to:

  • analyse workstations to assess and reduceDSE Checklist risks;
  • make sure controls are in place;
  • provide information and training;
  • provide eye and eyesight tests on request, and special spectacles if needed; and
  • review the assessment when the user or DSE changes.

It is therefore important that managers know how to control the risks from improper use of DSE and the surrounding workstation, not least because incorrect use of DSE can lead to health conditions and time off work.

Simple web-based self-assessment

A simple-to-use online awareness raising course, designed to be used as a self-assessment anywhere, anytime.

Any issues flagged to managers

Users of DSE will understand the issues and assess their own workstations, flagging any issues.

Management reports and tracking

Fully reportable, allowing managers to collate all the information from their teams to see what further actions are required.

Multi-device compatible

Fully accessible and responsive on a desktop, laptop and mobile device, the assessment takes the user just ten minutes to complete.

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The assessment covers a user’s:

  • display screen;
  • keyboard;
  • mouse;
  • desk or working surface;
  • chair; and
  • working environment.

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