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Essential for all premises and facilities managers who need to get to grips with the latest changes in the law and regulation of the workplace.

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Our Facilities management legal update course has been running for over 20 years, providing FMs with the very latest information and guidance affecting the regulation of the workplace. An essential one-day course for facilities managers produced by the experts at International Workplace, our industry specialists bring you up-to-date with the very latest in employment law, heath and safety, environmental management, property law and practice - and everything in between!

The Facilties management legal update focuses on key legislation taking force in the next 12 months, as well as providing an overall update on what you need to know, working in facilities, for the year ahead.  A must for all facilities managers. The course programme is updated regularly to reflect the very latest changes law and practice.

This essential Legal Update covers everything you need to know in one day, including:

  • Health and Safety
  • Human Resources
  • Employee Relations
  • Facilites Managment
  • Property Management
  • Environmental Management
  • And much more!

The full programme has now been released!

The programme for the Facilities Management Legal Update always aims to cover the major changes and challenges to employment law, health and safety, facilites management, energy and environmental management.

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This essential Legal Update covers everything you need to know in one day, including:

  • Health and Safety
  • Human Resources
  • Employment Law
  • Facilites Managment
  • Environmental Management
  • And much more!

The April session programme has now been finalised;

Human Resources and Employee Relations

  • GDPR
    • Impact on facilities management
  • Brexit and impact on workplace regulations
    • Proposed scrapping of Working Time Directive
  • Pensions auto-enrolment
    • Lowering the minimum age to 18
  • DBS basic checks 
    • Coming soon
  • EU citizens looking to remain in the UK after Brexit:
    • Guidance
  • Gender pay gap reporting fines
  • Employment status
    • On the back of the Taylor review
  • Employment Tribunal claims
    • Have tripled since fees abolished in July 2017 – impact
  • Focus on wellbeing

Facilities management, property and environmental

  • The changing role of the facilities manager
    • Moving towards an ‘ecosystem’ of services
  • The flexible office
    • Making the best use of corporate real estate
  • Technology use and agile working
  • Active working and wellbeing
    • How to integrate movement into traditionally sedentary work
  • Converting offices into housing
    • What went wrong?
  • FM contracts and standards
    • The development of International Standards for FM (ISO41000), the adoption of the Workplace Management Framework by IFMA, and the imminent release of the RICS Framework on Strategic FM
  • Grenfell and Building Regulations
    • The situation as regards fire safety and cladding systems

Heath and Safety

  • Grenfell 

    • Current regimes regarding planning, building design, fire safety in domestic and high rise buildings and product safety
  • The state of mental health in Britain’s workforce

    • A review of the Farmer/Stevenson report
  • Tackling e-cigarettes

    • What’s the evidence regarding harm?
  • IOELVs

    • Consultation on new and revised Indicative
      Occupational Exposure Limit Values (IOELVs) for 31
      hazardous substances
  • Transport safety


  • The Government’s 25-year plan for the environment

  • The Government’s ‘Industrial Strategy’ for safer, energy-efficient workplaces

  • Energy-inefficient properties
    • The April 2018 deadline

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