Mediation skills for managers


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A practical course to provide the skills and information for managers to operate effectively within your organisation.

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Managers can spend much of their valuable time getting drawn into relationship difficulties and conflict situations between staff. Handled well, things improve; handled badly and the situation gets worse, possibly putting you off tackling similar issues again in future. The mediation approach is about working with those in conflict to help them find and agree their own solutions. 

This training course is for managers at all levels, HR professionals, and anyone interested in managing workplace conflict more effectively.

Standard course content:

  • How to manage conflict between staff
  • Tackling similar situations going forward
  • Being an effective mediator
  • Skills to deal with conflict

If you have a specific requirement then we can tailor the course content and vary the duration depending on what depth of knowledge you or your team require. The standard course is specifically designed for managers of any level.