Display screen equipment (DSE)

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Explains the risk and control measures that can be implemented in the working environment to ensure DSE is used safely.

Display Screen Equipment (DSE) has become more commonplace in our daily lives, both professionally and socially, but are we using this technology correctly and being mindful of the effects it may have on our long-term health and fitness? 

Display Screen Equipment is a 30 to 40 minute online course designed to introduce people to the considerations of using display screen equipment as part of their daily working lives. This introductory course describes what DSE is, explores the health issues that can arise from its use, and identifies safety precautions that can be taken in order to reduce related health problems that may affect productivity and lifestyle.

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Course programme

Unit 1: Course introduction

  • Aims and learning outcomes

Unit 2: What constitutes DSE?

  • What are DSE devices?
  • Where we find DSE in the workplace
  • Who is considered a DSE user?
  • Calculating your DSE usage

Unit 3: Issues associated with DSE use

  • Effects on physical health
  • Effects on mental wellbeing
  • How common can related issues be?

Unit 4: Common safety precautions for DSE

  • Creating precaution checklists
  • Managing DSE use through working practice
  • Setting up a workstation: equipment, posture and workspace
  • The importance of DSE assessments
  • Considerations for portable devices

Unit 5: Course assessment

  • Ten question multiple-choice online assessment

Designed for DSE users with no prior knowledge of the best practice principles of safe use and helps individuals to assess their own workstation environment against the guidance provided by the UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

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