Coaching workshop

Defines exactly what coaching is and will give managers practical coaching skills.

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Controlling hazardous substances (COSHH)

This course explores the hazards, risks and safety measures associated with various liquids, powders and gases that are used in a range of working environments.

£15.00 + VAT

COSHH awareness

An introduction to COSHH to help workers recognise the dangers, understand safe systems of work, and ensure they are prepared to deal with any spillages and leakages.

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COSHH risk assessment

For those with a direct or indirect responsibility for the management of hazardous substances

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Cultural Awareness Training

Essential training for anyone who travels on business overseas, works with international clients and colleagues or is part of a global organisation.

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Data protection in the workplace (GDPR conformant)

Importance of collecting, using and saving personal and sensitive data appropriately to protect individuals’ rights and uphold an organisation’s reputation.

£25.00 + VAT