• International Workplace
  • 10 February 2016

Are you doing enough to support your staff?

A tribunal found that a woman with dyslexia had been discriminated against after her employer Starbucks had accused her of falsifying documents.

Ms Kumulchew was a supervisor at Starbucks at Clapham Junction and she was responsible for taking the temperature of fridges and water at specific times and entering the results in the duty roster. She made mistakes in entering these due to her difficulties with reading, writing and telling the time and as a result was given lesser duties and was accused of falsifying documents.

This added extreme stress to Ms Kumulchew and left her feeling suicidal. She had previously made it clear to Starbucks that she was dyslexic and had difficulties with word and numbers and took them to an employment tribunal alleging disability discrimination.      

The tribunal found that Ms Kumulchew had been discriminated against due to the effects of her dyslexia and that Starbucks had failed to make reasonable adjustments for her disability. It was also found that her employer appeared to have little or no understanding of equality issues and that they had victimised her.

This case highlights the importance of equality and diversity training and why all staff should have an understanding of the responsibilities that come with this. To help organisations train their employees in equality and diversity International Workplace has developed a new eLearning course, Equality in the workplace is an introductory level elearning course designed to introduce people to the key principles of the Equality Act 2010 and employer and employee responsibilities in complying with this legislation.

If you have one learner the cost is £25 + VAT however If you are looking to train your team we offer multi user discounts with prices starting from as little as £1 per learner, more learners = lower cost, this can be can be delivered via our online learning management system (LMS) which provides real-time progress tracking and comprehensive records management for all your learners. To book your free demonstration or for more information call us on +44 (0)871 777 8881.

In addition to this introductory eLearning course we also provide a more in-depth equality and diversity classroom course which is ran over one day and can be held in one of our UK and International training centres or as in-company training at your premises.