• International Workplace
  • 26 January 2006

[Audio] Bird flu - a real crisis?

Peter Power, a respected business continuity expert, spoke to Workplace Law at our recent Facilities Management Legal Update Conference about an issue that has been on the minds of many Workplace Law members – bird flu.

Peter answered a host of questions such as:

  • Why is business continuity planning important?
  • Do too many businesses ignore it?
  • Is bird flu the hot topic of the moment?
  • Is continuity planning for bird flu different for large companies versus small companies?
  • Should you plan for the very worst?
  • Are plans that companies such as HSBC have formulated extremist?
  • If you are formulating a plan for bird flu what is your starting point?
  • Where can you find further help and information?
  • What are other countries doing?

To find out the answers Workplace Law members can download the audio interview here.

Questions about how to create a business continuity plan for bird flu have been raised on the Workplace Law forum and hotly debated. Members have discussed how you get started, what should be included, what the best solutions are and where to get further information. You can have your say and join in the debate here.