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  • 21 February 2005

Brand new Guide to Business Continuity Management now available

The Guide to Business Continuity Management is the latest publication from Workplace Law Publishing. Written by one of the leading authorities on the subject, Peter Power, this essential guide provides a framework for business managers to ensure that their organisation has an action plan in place in the event of an emergency situation arising.

It is a requirement under the Civil Contingencies Act 2004 for public sector bodies to have a business continuity plan. The Financial Services Authority (FSA) has recently published a complete set of business continuity advice notes for organisations within the UK finance sector, and the British Standards Institution (BSI), in conjunction with the Business Continuity Institute, has also issued Public Available Specification 56 (PAS 56), which for the first time sets out a comprehensive business continuity benchmarking process. It is now essential that businesses in all sectors have considered all the relevant factors in continuity planning.

The Guide to Business Continuity Management covers topics including:

Introducing business continuity and crisis management
  • Learning from the past
  • Crisis management explained
  • Making crisis management work
  • Why business continuity plans sometimes fail
  • What drives business continuity and crisis management?
  • Looking at your own security
Implementing BCM and writing a business continuity plan
  • Understanding your business
  • Continuity strategies
  • Developing the response
  • Establishing the continuity culture
  • Plan exercising, maintenance and auditing
Sources of further information

Many organisations have also realised that they now have to identify and train specific people and teams to quickly become crisis managers and start applying ‘quick time’ skills as opposed to comparatively ‘slow time’ considerations when a possible disaster appears.

Although time compresses in these situations, rapid decisions have to be made, especially when triggering a business continuity plan, as compared to normal situations where both more time and data are available. For this reason, business continuity and crisis management form part of a whole rather than existing as discrete features: therefore this guide deliberately unites both.

Business continuity planning alone is not the key message in this guide since planning almost by definition has a beginning and an end, whereas business continuity management (BCM) connected to a business continuity plan and crisis management is an ongoing and more holistic concept and therefore a much more realistic approach to sustainability of operations.

The Guide to Business Continuity Management is priced at £34.99 plus VAT. Order your copy now by calling 0870 777 8881 or order your copy online at:

About the author

Peter Power is Managing Director of Visor Consultants Limited and is a well-known authoritative and entertaining presenter and writer with considerable front-line crisis experience. Peter is one of the most requested global speakers on dealing with crises and related subjects and he frequently appears on TV and radio. Peter has a senior Scotland Yard background (where he was active at numerous terrorist incidents/sieges) and is listed in the UK as an expert witness.