• International Workplace
  • 12 February 2020

Businesses can play an active role in reducing numbers who drive to work

According to research carried out by Venson Automotive Solutions:

  • 42% of business car drivers would actively consider ridesharing;
  • Even more would change their opinion on ridesharing if their employer reserved priority car-parking spaces for rideshare schemes; and
  • Nearly a third of drivers would think about using a car club instead of their own vehicle.

According to Department of Transport figures, 68% of the UK population use a car to get to work. The government’s target of totally carbon-neutral transport by 2045 will, however, increase pressure to reduce the number of car journeys people make. The survey conducted by Venson clearly shows that UK commuters are getting on board with the carbon neutral message as 57% of car drivers are willing to consider using alternative modes of transport, rather than their own or company car.

When people were asked what would encourage them to try different methods of transport, over a quarter of drivers said that schemes organised and endorsed by their employer would help and give them reassurance around the safety of using shared services.

Among those respondents that were willing to consider other transport options, 42% opted for ridesharing or carpooling, where drivers offer empty seats to others travelling to a similar destination, such as their office or business area. Twenty-eight per cent thought that a car club might be a good solution, where car rentals are typically charged by the hour or mile.

Priority car parking spaces for car sharers and car clubs was a popular option with 28% of the surveyed drivers, and 26% said that combining public transport with the employer providing minibus collection to and from the nearest station or bus stop would actively change their attitude.

Alison Bell, Marketing Director for Venson Automotive Solutions, commented:

“As we begin a new decade and the focus is firmly on what we can all do to achieve our environmental goals, businesses need to take an active role in encouraging their staff to look at more sustainable transport options. With improved range on electric cars, a company pool car scheme is one solution for businesses with grey fleet drivers, delivering a viable alternative to using their own vehicle on company business.

“Offering such alternatives can help businesses to not only achieve their environmental goals but also reduce transport costs.”