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  • 17 May 2002

Fixed-term contracts/temporary workers seminar


Date - May 23 2002
Time - 7.30 a.m.
Venue - Ashford (Kent) Chamber of Commerce
Cost - £8.50 + Vat

Employment Relations Solicitors will be chairing a breakfast forum on new Fixed Term Workers Regulations and the EU’s Agency Workers Directive. The Fixed Term Regulations come into force on 10 July 2002 and the EU intend that its Directive on agency workers will be implemented by the middle of next year.

Both these measures will have serious impact on the way that companies organise their workforce and may pose a serious administrative nightmare. Tony Bertin from Employment Relations will be joined by Mick Ambrose from Stena Line UK and David Vincent from PSB-Staffsign who will look at the practical implications for management.

More information

The 10 July 2002 sees the introduction of the Fixed Term Employees (Prevention of Less Favourable Treatment) Regulations. The Regulations will introduce new rights for workers on fixed-term contracts and will have a major impact on business in the UK. The Regulations are a continuation of a process of harmonisation of workers rights across the European Union. At the moment fixed term contracts are used by employers in a variety of situations ranging from professional sportsmen to maternity cover. Serious concerns are being expressed by industry that the measures will inhibit employers’ flexibility and may even have the perverse effect of reducing both employment opportunities and working conditions.

On Thursday 23 May Employment Relations Solicitors will be hosting a forum on behalf of the Ashford Kent Chamber of Commerce to discuss these issues and their practical implications. The forum will take place over breakfast at the Chamber offices. The speakers are Tony Bertin, Solicitor Employment Relations, Mick Ambrose, Employee Relations Manager, Stena Line UK, and David Vincent, Operations Director of PSB-Staffsign Ltd.

The forum will also be looking at the Temporary Workers Directive published by the EU on 20 March in draft form. Although the Directive is no more than a proposal at the moment Tony Bertin of Employment Relations says: "the Directive should act as a wake-up call to British Industry. Although the Directive is at a very early stage it is important that commerce should respond vigorously to the proposals and ensure that any legislation coming out of Brussels takes real accounts of concern of the business community in the UK. The UK is the largest user of temporary workers in the community 850,000 temporary assignments per day. It is the intention of the Directive to give temporary workers the same pay and benefits as permanent staff, which could sound the death knell for the sector. Students looking for summer work to supplement student loans may find it almost impossible to find temporary work. It could also have a serious impact on the tourism industry across Europe".

Further information is available from Ashford Chamber 01233 503838 or Employment Relations website