• International Workplace
  • 1 August 2002

Free Accessible Building Risk Profile

The Workplacelaw Network has launched a free online service for building managers, owners and designers, to help them establish how well their buildings cater for disabled people. The Accessible Building Risk Profile asks users 37 questions about their buildings and services, generating a customised risk profile highlighting strengths and weaknesses. The Risk Profile survey also gives an overall rating for your buildings, allowing you to compare your performance with colleagues in other organisations and the national average.

The Accessible Building Risk Profile is a useful online tool for reviewing the adjustments that you might need to make to your built environment when Part III of the Disability Discrimination Act comes into force in October 2004.

The free online Risk Profile is sponsored by Stiell Facilities and Dulux Trade. The survey takes only a couple of minutes to complete. How will your buildings fare? Click on to find out!