• International Workplace
  • 28 November 2019

International Workplace launches new digital subscription service, Workplace DNA®

Thursday 28 November marks a very special day for International Workplace, as we celebrate the launch of Workplace DNA®, our new digital subscription learning service.

Five years in the making, we’re showcasing this innovative product at the Wellcome Institute in London on Thursday to an audience composed of learning specialists and valued clients who have helped trial and shape the direction of the end product. The launch will also feature a presentation by Dr Itiel Dror, who will talk about his cognitive neuroscientific approach to enhancing learning to improve performance and decision quality at work.

Workplace DNA® is an innovative news-driven digital update service designed to promote continuous learning at work. It combines carefully curated and credentialled expert content with powerful artificial intelligence to deliver, track and promote personalised learning that drives performance. The ‘DNA’ element of Workplace DNA® relates to the thousands of separate learning outcomes identified by our curriculum specialists that are mapped to learning resources, which form the building blocks of the library.

All of the 400+ learning resources have been developed specifically for Workplace DNA® to be mobile-first, interactive, and completed in five minutes or less.

Says David Sharp, Managing Director of International Workplace:

“In November 2013, in my role as a committee member of the British Institute of Facilities Management (BIFM, now IWFM) People Management special interest group, I helped to organise an event to celebrate the winners of the BIFM Award for FM of the Year. We wondered what, if anything, the newest winner had in common with the previous winners, and I came up with the idea of testing their ‘DNA’, to see if there was something in their “skills, attributes and attitudes” that made them all successful. While the event was intended to be a bit of fun, the interactive workshop we ran threw up some interesting commonalities, and for the first time got me thinking in a much more granular way about how we identify, promote and measure desired personal development outcomes.

“Over the last five years our team has taken that initial idea and formed it into the innovative, game-changing learning resource we’re launching today. We believe Workplace DNA® provides an innovative learning solution to meet the needs of learners, their managers and their employers. Next year sees us enter our 25th year in business and promises to be the most exciting yet. As much as we have learned during that time, our learning journey – our resilience, our willingness to question, reflect and constantly improve – has been the hallmark of our innovation for a quarter of a century, and Workplace DNA® is testament to this.”

We will initially have limited capacity to take on new clients for Workplace DNA® following the launch, and are focusing on three market sectors that we believe this innovative service is perfectly suited for: they are workplace and facilities management; not-for-profits; and the further and higher education sectors. If you're in one of these sectors and are interested in finding out how Workplace DNA® can help you revolutionise the way you manage learning in your organisation, please get in touch now at