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  • 7 March 2017

Salisbury Group strengthens its talent with a company-wide Learning and Development vision

One of the UK’s more innovative providers in the UK’s £11bn facilities management sector, Salisbury Group, has underlined its commitment to nurturing its staff by implementing a company-wide Learning and Development vision.  

As part of the strategy to develop the skills and the future career aspirations of its staff, Salisbury has also chosen International Workplace as a partner to help deliver a suite of Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) work-based programmes, for over 20 of Salisbury Group’s management team. 

Jill Scott, Business Project Manager at Salisbury Group says:

“We have a strong ‘people-focused’ ethos, aiming to grow talent from within and encourage opportunities to all who wish to develop their learning and career pathways.  We are very proud to attract and employ some of the best people within the industry, and developing the leadership and management skills of our staff is part of our commitment to deliver better FM services to our clients.”

Of the partnership with International Workplace, Jill adds:

“We are delighted that International Workplace are supporting some of our managers through their ILM Level 3 and 5 and look forward to further courses during 2017. Learning does not start and finish when a course takes place; this is only the beginning of utilising new knowledge and skills gained by our employees.  We are fortunate to be a growing business providing opportunities for all employees in their chosen career path.”

Over the next 18 months Salisbury is driving forwards a new Learning and Development vision that will provide every employee in the business with a personal development plan to support not only their career aspirations but the Corporate vision too.

Heidi Thompson, Head of Learning and Development at International Workplace said:

“We were delighted when Salisbury Group approached us to discuss implementing ILM training within their organisation. It’s really encouraging to see a company investing in its managers, and we know first-hand the huge benefits this brings to an organisation.”

ILM offers qualifications to suit all career levels, from team leader to senior manager, specialising in leadership, management, coaching and mentoring. International Workplace offer the ILM qualifications at Level 3 and 5, all of which are work-based and tied into real projects and performance.  For Salisbury Group this means they can see an immediate and lasting benefit from the moment the learning begins.


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