• International Workplace
  • 3 January 2003

Seminars on Management of Asbestos in non-domestic Premises

Casella Consulting, environmental consultancy and regular contributor to the Workplacelaw Network, is holding a series of seminars on the forthcoming asbestos regulations. Details below.

Control of Asbestos at Work Regulations 2002

The new Regulations place explicit duties on employers in charge of building premises to manage asbestos to prevent unnecessary exposure. The HSE is clear that the main at-risk groups include maintenance workers, who periodically disturb asbestos-containing materials in the building fabric.

The proposals have been in the pipeline for over four years so the fundamental ideas are well established. Despite recent discussions in the press and in Parliament, the Regulations are now in place, with published codes of practice and guidance to support the new regulations.

Although the new Regulation 4 does not take effect until May 2004, the HSE is encouraging employers to make a start soon because, in many cases, a substantial amount of work remains to be done to achieve full compliance by the target date. There will need to be thought given to situations where management and control of premises may be shared with occupants or tenants.

The new requirements will require some radical changes to premises management for some employers. Casella’s seminars are intended to explain the detail of the regulations, the Approved Codes of Practice, and new guidance.

One of the central and crucial requirements will be the need to carry out an inspection (or to commission a survey) and to then lead on to a Management Plan. The Management Plan should show how the asbestos is to be controlled and maintained in good condition, the systems for inspection and review, and ways of communicating vital information to those who need it.

The seminars will include case studies and workshops to explore how these systems can be implemented in a variety of premises management situations.

The seminars will be led by Bill Sanderson, Rick Pomeroy and Mick Dawson.

Bill has many contacts with HSE and has been part of the working groups, which produced HSE’s MDHS 100 – guidance on conduct of surveys for and assessments of asbestos in buildings.

Rick has contributed to a number of the HSE roadshows earlier this year and is a very experienced asbestos consultant and surveyor.

Mick Dawson is the Southern Regional Manager for Casella Hazmat, the asbestos consultancy division of the Casella Group.

For further details, telephone Rebecca Legg on 01234 844107 or e-mail The courses cost £189 per delegate, but Workplacelaw Network members are entitled to a 10% discount.