• International Workplace
  • 9 December 2013

What makes up the DNA of a successful facilities manager?

On 27 November 2013, the BIFM People Management Special Interest Group organised an evening seminar focused on what makes a successful facilities manager.

The event was held at Heron Tower, supported by Incentive FM, Catch 22 and Workplace Law, and was a huge success. Off the back of the evening, a briefing paper has been produced, which summarises the outcomes from the event and also looks to inform further debate.

The aim of the event itself, which was attended by nine of the winners of the BIFM Facilities Manager of the Year Award, wasn’t to try and be too prescriptive, but instead to have some fun, share experiences, and try and gain some genuine insight to help people recruit, develop and – just as importantly – inspire talent in the FM profession.

Having nine of the 13 winners of the BIFM Facilities Manager of the Year Award all in one room proved a great opportunity for all those in attendance and made for a superb evening, with plenty of fascinating stories being shared.

In addition, the event gave people the opportunity to compare their skills, attributes and attitudes, to try and solicit some common themes and, ultimately, hunt for that all-elusive DNA of a successful facilities manager.

This briefing paper, ‘DNA of a successful facilities manager - a non-scientific experiment’, delves into some of the conversations that began on the night, and provides a succinct summary of outcomes from the event.

To find out more, download the briefing paper here.