• International Workplace
  • 3 April 2008

Workplace Law campaign helps business get to grips with sustainability

Workplace Law Network is dedicating an entire week to helping businesses understand what sustainability is, what we should be sustaining, and why we should be bothering!

‘Sustainability’ is undoubtedly a buzzword in businesses and homes up and down the country. And, as a special issue of Workplace Law Magazine, out on 7 April reveals, some people see sustainability as a driving force in protecting the future for our children and our planet; others dismiss it as a public relations panacea for a problem that is beyond our control.

This unique issue of magazine is being produced as part of Sustainable Workplaces Week, hosted by Workplace Law Network on 7-11 April. The campaign will address the arguments for and against sustainable working, while recognising that the Government has been introducing more and more regulations to govern the way we utilise raw materials and our energy resources, and businesses are under increasing pressure to commit to sustainable working.

Sustainable Workplaces Week, 7-11 April, will therefore help workplace managers to get to grips with what actions they should be taking to comply with the law, and what they could do to operate their business more sustainably.   

During the week, Workplace Law Network will be providing members with an extensive range of information and guidance around the issue, in the form of news updates, downloadable white papers and factsheets, and audio interviews - all accessible via the website.

Members will also be able to take part in a fun test to assess their organisations’ commitment to sustainable working, and engage with experts on the matter by submitting their queries during a seminar streamed via the Workplace Law Network (

A dedciated online discussion group will also offer members the opportunity to share their own experiences, find out about what activities Workplace Law Group is undertaking in order to improve its own working practices, and obtain specialist, personalised guidance from experts in the field of sustainability.   

To benefit from this extensive range of guidance visit the Workplace Law Network,, from 7 to 11 April.