• International Workplace
  • 14 February 2014

Workplace Law relaunches learning styles test

At Workplace Futures Conference 2014 on 11 February, Workplace Law presented a session on learning styles, “Learning to innovate - Innovating to learn”.

The session, led by Workplace Law MD, David Sharp, and Head of HR, Suzanne McMinn, focused on the impact that learning styles can have on employee engagement and career development. 

We recently conducted a learning styles test to discover how people in FM learn and to see whether employers currently take learning styles into account, with the initial findings unveiled at Workplace Futures. Due to the popularity of it and to allow us to delve deeper into this subject area, the test is being rolled out again. 

We are now asking employees and employers whether their learning styles are taken into account when they are undertaking continual professional development.

From the preliminary research, it was revealed that one size doesn't fits all and it is apparent that people learn in very different ways – while some people like to learn collaboratively, others prefer to learn alone.

As a result, it is crucial that people’s learning styles are always considered.

Suzanne McMinn said:

“Understanding of learning styles can improve performance and therefore should not just be seen as ‘a possible option’. It should be integrated into all business strategies and should not be relied on only in isolation.

“This learning styles test looks specifically at the way people like to learn and ultimately discovers the method of learning that is most beneficial to them. If employers can collaborate with employees and use this information, the opportunities for improvement and development are endless.”

To take the test and discover your learning style, please click here.