• International Workplace
  • 15 January 2014

Workplace Law to raise money for Global Generation in 2014

At Workplace Law we take our social responsibilities seriously, both as a business and as individuals, by raising money for charitable organisations and engaging in voluntary work wherever possible. In the past decade we've raised over £30,000 from charitable activities.

In 2014, we have chosen to support Global Generation and have set ourselves our biggest fundraising target to date of £25,000.

Global Generation are a charity dedicated to giving young people opportunities to play a part in creating a sustainable future. They do this by focusing their projects on the three interdependent themes of 'I, We and The Planet' and help people of all ages to:

  • Discover a sense of self that's without boundaries (I)
  • Engage in and build on the create potential that emerges between people (We)
  • Make a positive difference to the environment (The Planet)

This approach increases awareness of self, community and the natural environment and instils in young people the confidence to generate change in the business and local community.

Global Generation was chosen by Workplace Law as they offer opportunities for businesses and people of all ages to explore sustainability in a hands-on way, build community and create a new vision for the future. Their projects aim to inspire and educate people to make changes that will also inspire others. At Workplace Law we are passionate about environmental and social change and we, along with Global Generation, view the positive spirit of young people as the catalysts for this.

The money raised by Workplace Law will go towards Global Generation's Generator programme. This is a nine-month youth leadership programme geared towards 13 to 18 year olds.

Commenting, Workplace Law MD, David Sharp, said:

“At Workplace Law we take corporate responsibility seriously, and both as a business and as individuals we hope we pay more than lip service by raising money for charitable organisations and engaging in voluntary work.

“Not only that, it’s a fun part of what we do. In the past decade we’ve raised over £30,000 from charitable activities and this year decided to give ourselves a challenge for 2014 by setting our biggest fundraising target yet.”

He added:

“We have some exciting events lined up for the year and are confident we can reach our target and help Global Generation continue the inspirational work they are doing.”

Jane Riddiford, Executive Director at Global Generation, said:

“It is great to be collaborating with a company that is closely aligned with values that are important to Global Generation. The charitable donation will make a significant difference to our work over the coming year and particularly to the lives of fifty young people who will go on a life changing leadership journey.

“In addition, the spirit in which the money is being raised is inspiring in terms of tangibly demonstrating how each one of us can make a difference.”

To find out more about Global Generation, click here.